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How do i make my essay shorter

How do i make my essay shorter

how do i make my essay shorter

Would You Provide Me With a Essay Shortener? – All the Answers. 1. Copy and paste your text. 2. Choose the word count for the summary. 3. Press the ‘Summarize’ button. 4. Enjoy the result. Summarizing Tool Put your text here, then press "WoW Me!" or My essay is too long. How do I make it shorter? 1. Read for quality of the content and be ruthless. If something isn't adding anything to a paper that's already pretty good, delete it. 2. Use contractions. Make "cannot" into "can't" and so forth. 3. Delete repetitious or unnecessary words. 4. Take out a quote or two or see if the quote can be shorter. 5 Spice up your essays by adding a couple of sentences to each paragraph, Instead of adding whole paragraphs, further elaborating on the points you made and likely strengthening your essay. Incorporate a few new sources

How to Shorten an Essay ⇒ 4️⃣ Tips on Reducing Word Count

High-school and college essays impose strict word limits to which students struggle to conform. It can be challenging to express your opinion, how do i make my essay shorter, describe a historical event in full, or tell a good story within words. When it comes to reducing the word count, most learners find it quite hard. To illustrate how you can reduce the word count in your paper without impairing its integrity, we will use sample sentences and go through a list of techniques you can apply.

To shorten an essay, you can :, how do i make my essay shorter. Note: You can reverse some tips from our article about essay lengthening. Redundancy in linguistics implies the usage of words and phrases that repeat what has been already said or can be understood from the context.

Hence, when trying to shorten your essay, start by eliminating redundancy. Wordy phrasing also falls under this section, how do i make my essay shorter. You can clutter your writing with repetitive phrases and needless words without even noticing it. The best way to understand what can be cut out is to see if the meaning of the sentence stays the same when you do so. Original: I was absolutely certain that each and every quote I provided in my essay about politics made my argument much more compelling.

Edited: I was sure every fact in my essay made my argument compelling, how do i make my essay shorter. Of course, we exaggerated our example for illustrative purposes. When revising your essay, make sure every word has its weight and role. Wordiness implies using phrases that can be replaced with one or two words without changing the meaning or choosing a sentence structure with too many articles and prepositions. Also, some words can be deleted without any harm to the text.

When you use the passive voice, the subject receives the action, and the action doer is often unknown. Original: The process of essay shortening is often found as a challenging task. Writers might use longer equivalents of phrases in scientific papers or nonfiction, but you should simplify them in essays to reduce the word count.

Original: Due to the fact that the majority of papers have to fall in line with length limitations, students are necessitated to gain an understanding of how to put their thoughts into words clearly. Edited: Because most papers must meet length requirements, students should learn how how do i make my essay shorter express their thoughts clearly.

Original: There are many processes in the industry that must be considered first. When choosing between using a noun formed from a verb nominalization or the verb, opt for the latter. Some grammar and readability checking tools call a preposition-riddled sentence sticky or bogged down.

Original: One of the most crucial events in the history of humanity was the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Edited: The fall of the Berlin Wall was a momentous event in human history. Fillers are words that add no meaning and value to the sentence. Qualifiers are words that usually come before adjectives and change their quality. Check the list below for the most common words and phrases of these types. You can use the essay shortening tips above as a way to improve your overall writing.

If you learn to write without being wordy or using a lot of fillers, the quality of your text will rise a lot. You can use these eliminating wordiness exercises by Purdue University to check yourself. When speaking, we use new sentences to elaborate on previous ideas and add a new meaning.

Typically, we speak with longer sentences than in writing. Original: Many students find it difficult to write within the essay length limit imposed by schools. I also often struggle to fit my essays into the word count confines. Edited: Like many students, I find it hard to write essays within length requirements.

How do i make my essay shorter sentence above conveys the same meaning but is much shorter. We got rid of 15 words, more than half of what we got first. Multiply this by all the instances you could compress, and the number could reach words!

Look for ideas that can be combined in one sentence. In your essay, the most specific parts are the examples, and contracting them is an excellent way of shortening your paper. They disorient the readers and prevent them from moving forward. Original: As it was mentioned earlier, we can improve our education system by…. Many students make this mistake when writing a conclusion. They give a mere summary of the body paragraphs when instead, you must tie them together and provide a broader context without sending the reader back.

Once you hear your writing, you might identify the parts worth deleting. When listening to your essay being read out loud, pay attention to:. Each time you spot something from the list above, pause and reread that part to see if it can be fixed.

The best way to shorten an essay is by combining all our tips. After several revisions, you will shrink your text without destroying content.

Schools impose word limits to make sure students do not stuff their writing with lengthy phrases and learn to write clearly. Another reason is to ensure equality so that everyone does the same amount of research.

Also, a word limit acts as a guide forcing you to be more to the point and plan your writing. There are a few things that can help you stick to the word limit from the very beginning. First, create a clear thesis statement that allows you to narrow your focus and stay on the subject.

Second, prepare a detailed outline that will define the ideas you want to include. Third, monitor the word count every ten or twenty how do i make my essay shorter to see how much space you have left.

Besides the things we cover in our article, you can also try to replace phrasal verbs with their one-word versions e. Many phrases that are separated with a comma can be safely removed from your essay e. If another words will make a difference, add them. However, you should always try to stay under the limit indicated in the requirements, especially for a college application essay.

You might get away with writing a bit less text, whereas more will just annoy the reader. To shorten an essay, you can : Eliminate redundancy Combine sentences with similar meanings Avoid referring back Listen to your writing Further, we will give examples of sentences that can be shrunk with their revisions. The deadline how do i make my essay shorter too short to read lengthy guides? Place an order minutes.

Receive any Essay in up to 6 Hours. Why is there a word limit for essays? Can I prevent my paper from going over the limit? Any other simple tips on reducing the length of my essay? My essay is too long, but can I leave it unchanged? Was this article helpful? Let us know if you liked this page so that we can improve our content. You can also ask a question regarding this article and we might answer it here later.


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8 Easy Ways to Shorten Your Essay and Save the Quality

how do i make my essay shorter

How do I make my essay shorter? Add more points, as mentioned in other answers. Use expansions instead of abbreviations. Add examples,illustrations,quotes. Explain how those relate to your topic. Split the content into many paragraphs. Add linking lines between the paragraphs. If you want to Aug 22,  · How Do I Make My Essay Shorter. 1. Rank your Arguments’ strengths and weakness. The first technique of making your essay shorter is by ranking your arguments. If your essay is longer 2. Focus on the Main Point of your Essay. 3. Eliminate the Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins My essay is too long. How do I make it shorter? 1. Read for quality of the content and be ruthless. If something isn't adding anything to a paper that's already pretty good, delete it. 2. Use contractions. Make "cannot" into "can't" and so forth. 3. Delete repetitious or unnecessary words. 4. Take out a quote or two or see if the quote can be shorter. 5

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